Ina Sebastian


She says a defence in July 2011, but that must be for the proposal. So points off for not reading the application carefully, but she is still in the pool.

Sounds like well-grounded research that fits with OCIS, although I'm not personally that excited by it. I don't (yet) see the compelling new question in what she's doing, but perhaps that will emerge out of her field research. Strong letter. I'd say 3/5, just because I can't give them all 4's.

This does not seem like a strong proposal to me. I am not entirely clear on how the data she intends to collect will inform (the design) of information systems used for decision making in trauma centers.

I thought I posted earlier: I ma not excited as I think the proposal is confusing (may be in order to make it a proposal). Her 2011 publication with Tung Bui seems to be very close to the targeted result.

A good context and good problem. But I am not sure at all what exactly will be done in her empirical study. She already has a model -- so, it is not likely that she will be conducting more conventional field study where she is going to come out with a new theoretical insight. It is not clear where she came up with that model. Also, it is not clear how she is going to validate her model with what type of data...

I found this one to be a bit confusing. Not clear about the parameters of her study.