Sanghee Lim


Says August 2011 thesis defence, but I suspect that it's her proposal. No advisor letter either. If I hear from the advisor, I'll clarify date, but leave as reject for now.

Examining the role of IT in business alliances. Advisor letter does not clarify defense date. Abstract suggests that all data has been collected and analyzed. Perhaps the August data is for defense. Interesting topic, but I am not certain how much value she would gain from the session

Indeed, the advisor said that Aug 2011 was "the early side of the range" and didn't answer when I asked when he expected the defence. So it could be done by the time of the DC.

The first chapter is not interesting as the three propositions are not necessarily new. The second chapter is somewhat more interesting, although at the end, it is more or less what we already know from Transaction Economics Theory, only applied in the context of strategic alliance network. The study is quite interesting. The problem I have is that he needs to build stronger theoretical argument about "alliance network".

I also think that it fits better with perhaps with Strategic Management. The discussion on IT is quite minimalistic, but that is expected from this type of study.